Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hell's fire, Mother Night...

And may the Darkness be merciful. *

I'd love to move out of New Jersey to a state more affordable to live in and with more job opportunities (and mountains, and no hurricanes), but where else would I find a house and property where I can learn how to better use my camera merely by spending a few hours at my den window, shooting pics and video of a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker three bloody feet away (or less, in the case of the insane Ruby-crowned Kinglet that keeps beating up said window)?

Yay! Shooting video with the DSLR was easer than I thought, and the quality is incredible...

(Turns out there are actually two sapsuckers using this tree.
This fluffy male visits most often, but there has also been a smaller, thinner female.)

Must. Win. Lottery.

* A wonderful oath from a series of novels by Anne Bishop.