Sunday, March 20, 2011


Being on the beach too early for the "super" moonrise did grant me an encounter I could easily have missed, one that made almost as great an impression as a blood red moon.

It has been said that we are all drawn to the sea…

"I'm here, I can't leave without seeing the ocean!" she exclaimed, rushing past me, apologizing when she thought she might be walking through my shot. How could a wanna-be Photographer pass up such an opportunity? (Despite appearances, I wasn't actually standing with a large tripod placed smack in the middle of the path; I was off to one side except perhaps for these couple of photos.)

What a shame that the woman on the beach was not able to stay long enough to see the moonrise; I am certain she would have been delighted by it. I do sincerely wish that she is able to come back and spend more time by the ocean some day.

ED. NOTE: This isn't me. My own mother, among others, thought it was. Truly, it was a random stranger met on the dune crossover as she succumbed to that invisible need to see the sea...


Camera? Check. Tripod? Check.

At the beach on time? Check. Early, even.

So early that I was losing my concentration (and vital body heat) and missed the exact moment of the moon rising. Oops.

Granted, I had been looking too far north and for a bright spot on the horizon, not for a subtle red glow right in front of me.

Prepared by having practiced shooting at infinity? Ah, no... Oh, well.

Still. Wow. Not your average moonrise.

(Although, I must admit, it was not as impressive as all the internet hype had led me to expect; I've seen the full moon appear quite a bit larger at times over the past year. Something tells me, however--say, for instance, as I was heading back to the mainland the car pulled over to the side of the road with an arm out the window holding up a cell phone to take a picture--that I should have waited around just a little bit longer, or at least pulled over myself. I had already fed the cats and even had the down jacket in the truck. I'm thinking I definitely should have at least stopped to look over my shoulder… :o/ )

ED. NOTE: Thanks to an astronomy geek friend o'mine, I now know that I really should have stopped on the boulevard on my way out of Stone Harbor. The rampant over-development of the island would not have made a pretty picture but it would have given me the perspective needed to make the supermoon super-sized...!


Too cute not to post, even when I've already tweaked the beejeebers out of it. (I made the mistake of showing it to my brother and SIL while it was still in the camera. *lol*)

New-for-me photo editing software still in box. Will have to test it out on this cutie-pie when I get it installed!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


And, in the case of my two year old nephew, pretty damn cute as well.

Who knew cartoons were such serious business?

Sand is definitely serious business.

The ball that went off the second story deck is very serious business indeed.

Bubbles, however, are never serious business.

Payback was worth a thirty-five year wait; as sweet and cute as he is, our mother claims Lil' Man is more of a handful than my brother ever was. Funny, my brother doesn't seem to mind…