Sunday, March 20, 2011


Being on the beach too early for the "super" moonrise did grant me an encounter I could easily have missed, one that made almost as great an impression as a blood red moon.

It has been said that we are all drawn to the sea…

"I'm here, I can't leave without seeing the ocean!" she exclaimed, rushing past me, apologizing when she thought she might be walking through my shot. How could a wanna-be Photographer pass up such an opportunity? (Despite appearances, I wasn't actually standing with a large tripod placed smack in the middle of the path; I was off to one side except perhaps for these couple of photos.)

What a shame that the woman on the beach was not able to stay long enough to see the moonrise; I am certain she would have been delighted by it. I do sincerely wish that she is able to come back and spend more time by the ocean some day.

ED. NOTE: This isn't me. My own mother, among others, thought it was. Truly, it was a random stranger met on the dune crossover as she succumbed to that invisible need to see the sea...