Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I did warn you, my readers, (once… off-handedly… some time ago…) that lack of inspiration for a blog post would likely result in cat photos.

*puuurrrrrrrr* She's getting skritched under the chin, not mauled. Although one of our county veterinarians was a tad bit overzealous with their spay/neuter ear-notching. "Ear-chopping"?

Persephone, the newest (with us about six months now) and youngest member of The Horde. She's certainly living up to her name: half love bug, half resident of the Underworld. Imp Personified. Itty Bitty Kitty (still, even though she's likely approaching two years old and eats more than the cats half again her size).

Yes, that's an awful lot of names for such a wee little thing. It's not even the full list. She was recently christened with a new one.

I didn't mess with the color of this photo, although the camera did shift into lighter browns than my eye was seeing. In the right light, Sephy certainly doesn't look like the black tabby I'd normally call her. Hmmm... Chocolate stripes… fudge stripes… Keebler!

Not that we're using the newest name all that much. I want to make sure she at least knows (one of) her name(s) is Sephy. Which I'm pretty certain she does, but in typical cat fashion only remembers (or comes when called) when she wants to.

Whoa. It only takes a good yawn to remind one that inside that sweet cuddly house cat is a lean mean fightin' machine… Well, in Sephy's case, it shows when she attacks my feet under the bedcovers. When she joins Sandylion for their pre-meal wrestling matches... When she flies through the house just so she can attack Snickers… Okay, perhaps the sweet new nickname isn't so appropriate after all.

[In truth, most of Sephy's rambunctiousness is youth and high spirits. She's actually the only cat I'll hand wrestle because she's so gentle about it. She does, however, have a serious thing against Snickers for some unknown reason. (She's not the only one. Poor Snick. *sigh*) ]