Thursday, April 21, 2011


…A week makes.

The hosta pot last week. (I had rescued one plant out of the front “garden” when I first moved in and put it in a pot on the deck. Moved the resultant small clump to a gigantic planter last year and—wow—what a happy, happy plant…)

The hostas this week.

The violets this week. (The long-leaved plant gets to stay until I decide if it’s a goldenrod or not…)

Another planter volunteer, non-native wildflower of course.

But I like it, even if it has an absolutely lousy common name: dead-nettle.

I haven't yet waded back into what is gearing up to be one helluva tick habitat to re-shoot the sweet gum flowers. Perhaps this weekend. We'll see. If I'm not itching too much from last week's bites. Bad enough that the ticks were coming up the deck steps to get me yesterday... Sorry, I'll leave you with a better image: