Monday, April 25, 2011


The weather was fine (okay, it was actually ridiculously hot for an April afternoon, something that is happening far too frequently in recent years if you ask me) and I had the holiday off, so I decided to take a ramble through one of our local parks, Belleplain State Forest, with a local New Jersey Audubon/CMBO program.


Blueberries-to-be! (You may be able to tell I'm shooting over my head = highbush blueberries.)

Pitch pine alive.

Pitch pine (?) dead.

Maple seeds. With many apologies to Charlie Harper, but I think I found something not only “as red as” but perhaps even "redder than a cardinal"… (And when I manage to find the full quote, I'll post it.)


Sphagnum moss, in living color! Far cry from the dry brown stuff most of us only ever see if we happen to grow houseplants.

Well, lookee there... Fascinated with the moss, I found someone else who liked it too!

So just how good is that camera in your iPhone? (It was the view screen that was actually giving her trouble.)