Sunday, March 20, 2011


Camera? Check. Tripod? Check.

At the beach on time? Check. Early, even.

So early that I was losing my concentration (and vital body heat) and missed the exact moment of the moon rising. Oops.

Granted, I had been looking too far north and for a bright spot on the horizon, not for a subtle red glow right in front of me.

Prepared by having practiced shooting at infinity? Ah, no... Oh, well.

Still. Wow. Not your average moonrise.

(Although, I must admit, it was not as impressive as all the internet hype had led me to expect; I've seen the full moon appear quite a bit larger at times over the past year. Something tells me, however--say, for instance, as I was heading back to the mainland the car pulled over to the side of the road with an arm out the window holding up a cell phone to take a picture--that I should have waited around just a little bit longer, or at least pulled over myself. I had already fed the cats and even had the down jacket in the truck. I'm thinking I definitely should have at least stopped to look over my shoulder… :o/ )

ED. NOTE: Thanks to an astronomy geek friend o'mine, I now know that I really should have stopped on the boulevard on my way out of Stone Harbor. The rampant over-development of the island would not have made a pretty picture but it would have given me the perspective needed to make the supermoon super-sized...!