Monday, March 29, 2010


The hummers are coming, the hummers are coming! Winged variety, that is.

Hummingbird Arrival Map

One of the few acceptable shots of a hummingbird (male ruby-throated; only breeder/regular resident in the East although other species will show up during fall migration) I have been able to take. Of course, the background got in the way and you have to look for the bird. *sigh* And that is absolutely NOT the feeder one should use; see article linked below for tips.

Good thing I didn't get around to putting my feeders up yet ("my" resident birds typically don't arrive until April 21st); the feeders and any early migrants would be washed away today... Pouring buckets in Cape May County this morning; I love the rain for the green it gives us, but enough already! Algae-green coating every surface is not what I mean.

For anyone interested, here are some fact pages about feeding hummingbirds that I put together ages ago... Feeders and Feeding Hummingbirds (The article is several years old; I will check it later for accuracy and post updates here.)

Couldn't resist. A friend is a hummingbird bander, and he has to cut out and roll these things himself! Eep. And I thought molding plastic bands to perfect shape for shorebird legs (as close to a perfect circle as you can manage) was difficult...