Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I must say that I've seen better displays--and of all the months of the year, November can really put on a show in the way of sunsets--but I don't think things turned out too badly...

One of a pair of relatively well-developed, if somewhat subtle, sundogs--rainbows in the clouds to either side of the sun. These were quite large and at more of a distance than the smaller halos I'm used to seeing. (Check out Wikipedia for some truly incredible photos of sundogs.)

A flock of black-backed gulls head out to find a safer place than the open beach to roost for the night. (Although as large as they are, I imagine little would disturb them. Then again, we now have coyotes...)

(Maybe some day I'll make an effort to erase that contrail. Or maybe not.)

Sunset, end of day
A rainbow-lined horizon.
Serenity wakes.

(The best of one of my few attempts at haiku; high school English class assignment, of course.)