Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Winter, Day Three (December 23rd): Storm's coming…

Maybe not knowing how to shoot the moon (oh, those annoying ISO's, exposures, apertures and f-stops) was a good thing?

Letting the camera try mostly on its own still made for a couple of neat images, at any rate.

After the storm (December 28th)…

The gray squirrels have only recently taken up permanent residence on/around my property (the mast-producing trees, i.e. nut and other edible-seed bearers, are finally mature enough to provide a reliable food source), so I have yet to tire of them. The only human-provided birdfeed they can get to is the cracked corn and white millet (the sunflower and peanut feeders are on baffled poles) and they are welcome to it; I have a soft spot for cute rodents. They also give the cats something to do. (Mostly work themselves into a frenzy with their inability to get at anything on the other side of the window. And the squirrels know this. Cruel cat lady? Me?)

Squirrels are not the only mammals that come begging. I love (love love love) venison, but I like it alive and on the hoof, too. Weird-looking creatures, really, are deer; must be something about those big brown eyes that makes them so appealing.

Hmmm, I see I'm going to have to buy more corn and millet… (The smallest deer, the one posing in the late afternoon sun below, was eyeing up the feeders at the front window as well, feeders which were even closer to the house than this one. She didn't come in while we were watching, but she got up the nerve sometime overnight, as evidenced by the incriminating hoof prints directly under the window, between a holly tree that hits the house and the house wall itself, this morning.)

Gotta love their eyelashes, but who knew deer had eyebrow whiskers like that?! Egads.

The great photo that wasn't quite. Welcome to the world of photography. Ah, well, they say practice makes perfect and as much as I hate practicing, at least with a digital I can shoot all the frames I want for practically nothing but time spent playing. (Hmm, note to self: also pick up more SD cards…)

Happy Winter!