Thursday, June 9, 2011

More fish watching.

The shubunkin (showy name for a slightly-fancier-than-basic goldfish: a matt-finished, calico-colored [although with age, s/he's losing what color s/he had at half this size] fish, in this case "Bristol shubunkin" because of the long flowing tail: I knew that goldfish handbook would come in handy some day!) seems to be reveling in the bigger tank I finally cleaned out more than a year after the last fish died...

Sephy and I are spending much time watching it.

The last time I had the 55 gallon up and running (photo taken during a persistent algae infestation before the tank miraculously cleared and stayed clear without a water change for years), the Hooligans enjoyed watching the then-resident tetras. The only set up I did for this shot was to add the fourth kitten; the other three were already there.