Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colors of Autumn.

I've been wandering around outside the past few days in order to capture the colors of November before we descend into the grays of winter... The trees, having suffered through another extremely dry growing season with little rain at the end of it and some too-early frosts, haven't put on much of a show--some are still trying to decide whether to reveal their true autumn colors or just give up their leaves entirely--but there still are vibrant hues to be found, mostly in this year's fruit.

Hmm, I believe I'll name this hue "cedar blue".

Pastels play well with the light, too. (An invasive clematis, a Spartina, and groundsel.)

Remarkably, in spite of the recent and increasingly consistent low-thirties overnight temps, there are still a few blossoms and bugs to be found. Here, coral honeysuckle (a handful of full bouquets in November! yet one more reason to plant this native), spotted cucumber beetle (a crop pest, alas, but a most remarkable color that is not done justice by this photo) and ailanthus webworm moth (appropriately autumn-colored).