Monday, February 6, 2012

Longwood Gardens, 2012.

The first Friday in February meant it was time once again for Longwood Garden's annual horticulture symposium… And lo, once again an internet acquaintance from Ohio was on the schedule. Road trip!

The conservatories were looking a bit more lush this time around. Then again, last year there was a foot of snow on the ground outside and this year winter hasn't really put in much of an appearance yet.

The orchids were lovely, but I was really coveting the bowls!

The Green Wall.

You could see where they were going with this, and folks in the business said it was a hot new trend, but after a couple of years this one wasn't quite there yet. It was far too dry on this day for all of the ferns and tropicals in it. Luckily it is made up of small blocks, easily replaced.

Do you think he noticed the gate crasher in the back of the lecture hall? I seemed to have been the only one pointing a camera at him...