Saturday, March 31, 2012

We now return you to our normal...

Season. Ick, blah, yech. Typical cold, damp, dreary, raw spring day here in the coastal Mid-Atlantic region. So I give you a few bright spots from a couple of weeks ago...

An azure-colored, um, azure. (Large group of little blue butterflies, Azures.)

He's real, even if he likes to pose like he's a pond ornament.

Blue Corporal, who may or may not turn blue as it/s/he ages.

Happy to report that last time I checked, the big green ogre above had not eaten the wee little Painted Turtle. So long as they each stick to their own ends of the pond, all should be well.

Why do the invasive non-natives have to be the first things to bloom? (Well, getting a head start over the locals is probably part of what makes them successful invasive outsiders.) Top is a Quince. False Quince? Oh, it just gets too confusing... Bottom beauty is some kind of crabapple. Maybe. Needs further investigation. But in the meantime, it's lovely to look at.