Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Pages at Chatter!

Well, actually they are old pages from back in the days when I wrote my own webpage from scratch. (Must admit, that was a whole lot of fun--a bit of mental exercise with a nice payoff.)

WREN PAGES, over there on the left side of the right column of this blog, are permanent pages of stuff I hope you find of interest.

I've just put up Cape May Birding, a little reference guide to get you started if you are curious enough to make a bird-watching trip to Cape May to see what all of the fuss is about. (Alas, no photos.)

The second is a photo essay about one of the ongoing Delaware Bay Shorebirds research projects. It's bare-bones now, but I hope to get in the field again this year to obtain the most recent news. Ought to be a good year to do so, as the only real damage Cape May County suffered from Superstorm Sandy was to the Delaware Bayshore beaches--they took a severe pounding as the hurricane passed us by. Availability of suitable nesting habitat (i.e., beaches) is a limiting factor in horseshoe crab reproduction and a problem due to the "lack-thereof" because of development; with estimates of a 50% loss of NJ bayshore beaches due to the storm, this spring will be a very interesting one for the crabs and the birds and the scientists who study them...

I'll be updating both pages as necessary.

Thank you for looking!