Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Days, Cool Cats.

When sunny and blue-skied but windy and very cold, short December days are very well spent snuggled up inside with a cat or two (or more in our house, usually, especially if a fuzzy blanket and the comfy chair are involved). On the other hand, when the light is so tempting, a bright December day is also well spent photo-ambushing said snuggled-up cats…

Abby has never minded having a camera in his face.

Well, not much.

"Oh damn and Bastet, hours later and she's still pointing that thing at me…"

Costello, brother to Abby and in the house two years now, has finally given up his deer-in-headlights expression when having his photo taken.

He was being very patient, even though I still can't get cat eyes in focus. (Hey, cat noses are cute, too! And far less intense when in focus than cat eyes. Out-of-focus small predator eyes may not be a bad thing, really…)

And perhaps Tells has come so far as to vogue a bit…

Corson is about the most laid-back cat I've ever had. Cameras are to be be ignored or at the least tolerated just like everything else the crazy human does. (I can sooo picture Cory dressed in doll clothes and draped in plastic dress-up jewelry in his past life [whatever that was] with the world's most patient "Whatever" look on his face; he's just that kind of cat.) 

Toes are nearly as cute as noses, especially when crossed with such feline suavity.

I never could understand why no one even wanted to foster Snickers (let alone adopt her) when she landed (through no fault of her own) in a shelter nearly twelve years ago, for she has quite a sunny and silly personality. And with her tuxedo markings just a bit awry, she's cartoon-cat cute! Never understood until now, that is; her funny face can actually come across as quite intimidating…

Aw, she's trying!

See?! Isn't she adorable? That's my Doodle Cat…