Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It’s official: They are out to get me. Little zombie* frogs, lying in wait wherever I turn. Seriously. I’m starting to get scared.

I’m certainly starting to be wary of where I step and what I touch when I am out on my decks. The next Gray Treefrog to show up after those two in the last post was this one, on my front deck railing. Really glad I hadn’t actually used the handrail before I noticed it.

The next day after that, there is one on the same railing but up against the house, right next to the front door. Possibly the same one from the day before but I didn’t get photos. (Those little white markings below the eye are proving good for ID-ing individuals.) By the time I realized I was running out of time—or at least daylight—a not-paying-attention hasty exit out the front door spooked it. I think. I vaguely recall possible motion blurring past my eyes and I definitely heard spooked rustling. Oops. (Knew that was going to happen sooner or later. I figured the day I opened the front door and was eye to eye with a treefrog on the screen would be the day I knew for certain they were after me. Close enough.)

Then a couple of days later I go to pick up some garbage that’s been out in my drive turnaround for far too long and sure enough… Oh, hello, little one!

I had an excuse for picking this one up, for she really was a bit too close to my truck… Running over a $3 pair of reading glasses, even if they were my favorite, is one thing. Running over this much cuteness would be unforgivable.

Really neat behavior became very apparent as I was handling her: She always kept her back full to the sun as I moved my hand. (It’s been bloody cold at night Spring or not and she was on the ground in the shade, so you can’t blame her.)

Once I figured I had enough glamour shots she was relocated a little closer (and in the sun) to the gnarly pin oak that housed at least one gray treefrog last year… (Hmm, I should check the cheek patch on those photos.)

And then five days later:

Shed door handle. Went to get my rake, nearly had a squishy handful of treefrog. (Comparing this one’s white cheek mark with my other frog photos, he appears to be the trellis frog from the other post. Makes sense—that’s the shed behind the trellis. He got to spend the day in the grapevine wreath hanging on the side of the shed.)

See??? They really are Out. To. Get. Me.

*Never fear, they are quite alive and well. Treefrogs are beyond cute when they are up and doing something. (Just look at that chubby, warty, bright-eyed adorableness!) But when they are not, they just sit there, eyes and legs tucked in, little gray blobs… Eew.