Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventures in Evacuations. [one last photo added]

Everyone fit: birds, fish, snake, cats and dog! Okay, so minivans, especially those with stow-away seats, have their uses. Still don't like 'em for everyday use.

One reason I have goldfish and not tropical or saltwater fish: they're fine in a bowl. Or a pretzel jug.

 Ditto on bettas.


Here we are post-"imminent tornado" warnings (north Delaware). Budgies and doves in the other basement room. The cockatiel travel cage is in one of the crates.

And I was worried about my houseplants being mangled by high winds and pounding rain... *pfft* The little rose pot at the top left fell over (but not off the shelf) and Big Momma Monstera fell over and took out a few branches of a mum. That's it. Irene didn't even manage to clear all of the small dead limbs out of the trees. I even had to water some of the plants. :o/

Flooding, Monday afternoon. (Cape May County saw little of the rain the rest of the mid-Atlantic received in early August, so the ground wasn't at all saturated. I've had worse puddles after a good rainstorm.)

The only proof that a good bit of rain came down all at once: wash piles of needles at the lowest end of my drive. My skylight didn't even leak.

Wind damage. That log's maybe three feet long and not quite two inches across. And half of it is still on the tree. It even missed my truck by yards.

All in all, an interesting experience and a monstrously lucky break.