Saturday, April 21, 2012

Would almost rather have April showers, but to be fair the flowers are putting on a nice show. Enjoy while I go figure out how to do a rain dance. Dance in the rain I can--and certainly will--do. If it ever does. Rain. Forecast? Bah! I'll believe it when I see it. [Said that about a raise at work and guess what? We actually received one.]

I give you the humble.... Johnny Jump-up.

*pow* Playing with the black tones slider in iPhoto today. (Columbine)

Trumpet/coral honeysuckle is starting to open.
The vine is covered with buds this year. So where are my hummers?!

Virginia creeper. Creeper, no kidding...
Never mind "tendrils", this thing has tentacles!

I never get tired of looking at dogwood...

Dew on the (grape) vine.

Who is that hiding in the lilac? Question Mark.
(No, seriously, the butterfly is called a Question Mark...)

I think this is some kind of shelf lichen, but it's so dry it has curled up.