Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stop. The. Cuteness.

Seriously, these micro butterflies are too much. After spending the better part of an hour chasing the wee things up and down the road, we came across a couple that apparently had just emerged from their pupae. Not only weren't they fluttering around and flitting away just when you focused on them, they let us pick them up... (Belleplain Store Forest.)

An azure. I don't care which. More to the point, it wouldn't get off my finger...
("Uh-uh, lady! You're the highest, safest point around; you are not putting me back on the ground!")

Brown elfin, yet another miniature wonder. Just look at those colors...!
(First shot is fuzzy--I didn't bother to tweak it--but it shows the interesting shape of the hindwing.)