Monday, June 4, 2012

Go fly a kite...

I prefer young things with four feet and fur, but even I must admit that my three year old nephew is quite an engaging little imp. And very photogenic in a happy, goofy way. (Sure wish I could still translate toddler talk, though; I used to excel at it when his dad was his age.)

My brother's family's first trip to the Jersey shore!

Of all things, they forgot the life jacket for the visit to Grandmom's shore house. (And on a day with a nearly-full moon, spring tide no less--there's usually land out there, a few miles of it across to the mainland on the horizon. Tides had to have been running close to 8 feet above mean low this weekend.) Makes it a bit tricky dealing with a boy who doesn't know how to stand still and loves water.

And then Auntie Wren has to go and point out a crab on the piling… (Happy to report that no one went swimming unintentionally. Hah! We didn't have to even have railings on these docks when I was that age.)

Videos are serious business, enough to justify sitting still.
(For about four and a half minutes. Maybe.)

Kites are never serious business.

"Higher! HIgher!"

Can you tell that it was Lucas' first experience flying a kite?

(Notice the tippy toes...)


Dad figured out how to make it dance. So Lucas did, too.