Friday, June 29, 2012

Not what I'd call ideal habitat...

For a tree frog. On the other hand, if the summer is hot and dry and there's no other option for standing water... This bucket is balanced on the deck rail by my front door, and there was something unusual about it when I came home from work yesterday evening. See it? (Remember, tree frogs are out-of-place little gray blobs.) Look closely:

She's about half again as large as the one that was on the other deck the other month. Not sure if she was just soaking or was up to something else in the pot; there's too much duckweed to tell what she was doing other than that she probably was in the water at some time.

There was a frog-sized space clear of duckweed and she looked far too moist for the heat. Looks a bit plump, as well, but that could be merely due to the fact she's balanced on a rather thin rim.