Friday, July 6, 2012

Insect Collection I.

Is creating an insect collection still standard protocol for elementary school science classes, or is it no longer politically or environmentally correct?

I tried for the most variety as much as the next kid working on that assignment, but I must admit that photography is a much cooler way of doing it. And your specimens actually look alive! (I'm sorry, I have never been able to appreciate Audubon's work. They all look like paintings of dead birds to me. I suppose you could say they were "true to life"; after all, they were paintings of dead birds… "Shoot first, study later" was the motto of the day. Hmm. Guess it still was even into my generation.)

Sure would be nice to think that they send kids out with a camera these days instead of a collection jar with a nail polish remover-soaked cotton ball in it…

Silver Spotted Skipper on Pickerel-weed.

Black Swallowtail on Buddleia.

Nymph with shed skin. They're really cute this small! It's those eyes.

Ladybeetle on star flower (Amsonia).

Painted Lady and Black Swallowtail.

Little Wood Satyr on Tulip Tree.


Eastern Comma.