Thursday, April 4, 2013

African Violets.

I wanted primroses. I was under the (perhaps erroneous) delusion that primroses have a better chance of survival under my care than African Violets (which, to be honest, I haven't done too badly with in the past). I searched for primroses. I could not find primroses. Turns out I decided I wanted primroses a good month or more after primroses were available in the retail stores… Oops.

So I ended up with African Violets anyway. Half-priced African Violets, tis true, but that makes them no less deserving of care. And they were in splendid shape for clearance flowers.

Three weeks and counting, and I only forgot about them for a week. A week which they survived. (It doesn't hurt to let them go a little bit dry every now and then. Overwatering is actually more likely to kill houseplants than underwatering.)

They aren't in a window where I can enjoy them in the normal run of things, so I decided to play with my macro lens and my two favorite Photoshop filters, Watercolor and Dry Brush. And the photos will last forever, no matter how well (or not) I do by the plants.

The blue isn't really blue; it's more standard African Violet purple. And the pink isn't really hot pink, it's more burgundy. Whatever.)