Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lion's Teeth.

Dent de león… Tooth of the lion. Or in good old vernacular, the humble (or not so humble) Dandelion. I happen to love dandelions.

[To truly appreciate these flowers, you simply must
click on a photo to big-ify them all... Wow.]

I'm not much of a yellow person, but dandelions are the perfect shade of yellow. The leaves are good for salads, apparently. (I've never got up the nerve to try--they're a bit fuzzy!) Dandelions have been used for wine, too, by all accounts.

I know dandelion greens were a great treat for the pet rabbit I once had.

And, thanks to my having kept a few in my plant pots even though the rabbit passed on years ago, they proved the perfect subject for some practice with my macro lens.

Amazing what shooting on a tripod and with depth-of-field control will do for a close-up photo… (As my photographer friends have been telling me for ages.)

And they are a good food source for wee little wingéd things, too.

(That's a dandelion, for crying out loud. It's spectacular! Who knew?)