Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This Afternoon: Periods of rain or drizzle.

Tonight: A chance of rain.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy.

Wednesday Night: A chance of rain before 9pm, then a chance of rain and snow between 9pm and midnight, then a chance of snow after midnight.

Thursday: A chance of snow before noon, then a chance of rain and snow.

Two weeks after the Blizzard of 2010… Steady rain most of the day—as if the past three or so days of sun and 40+ temps weren’t bad enough. I’d rather have snow. (You will notice that I never did take down the snowflake flag.)

I do believe the pond at the edge of the fields behind my house (the dark spot just below the uppermost line of snow in the top middle section of the photo) is going to—if it hasn’t already—meet with the rising water on my side of the ditch separating the two properties…

I have been quietly savoring the highly-likely possibility that tick and flea populations will be knocked waaaay down this coming year as a result of all of this winter’s very cold cold-snaps and heavy snow cover. (We have really, really high concentrations of ticks, and the fleas were especially bad this past year.) After studying my back yard from all angles out my windows today, I began gleefully anticipating ducks swimming around (wood ducks? It’s happened once since I’ve lived here) and really, really happy frogs…

(I added Gray Treefrog to my yard list this past year! Don’t know which one, though, Northern or state-endangered Southern, as I haven’t heard them calling yet and CMC has an overlap of both populations of the identical looking beasties. But of course Southern is difficult to find around here—it’s at its northenmost range in NJ. Sometimes ya gotta wonder about status classifications…)

And then it finally occurred to me that we are going to have one helluva year for mosquitos.