Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This photo is many years old; these two loathe each other now. Just a couple of weeks ago Galadariel (right) ripped her brother Russell a new ear notch (he’s a bully and therefore has many, but this was the best one yet—brava, Galadriel!) and I’m still picking thick scabs out of her fur. Of the four Hooligans, only the two sisters tolerate each other, and barely at that.

What a sweet Valentine, my lovely little Cassandra!

Newly-dubbed Mouse Killer and Masticator. One of The Horde—presumably Cassie, who has been maintaining an intense vigil in the downstairs bathroom for a day and a half to the point of not wanting to come to meals—caught a mouse last night. Good thing I do not wander the house barefoot in the winter, as my kitchen floor was streaked with mouse blood, a tail and still-attached bits waiting for me precisely where I stand to fix breakfast. (I have spared you photos of the grisly remains, aren’t I nice?) Having tasted fresh meat, Cassie may never want kibble again... [She did eat her kibble this morning, and is resting on her laurels close by, finally showing interest again in her now second-favorite past-time: birdwatching.]