Friday, May 28, 2010


Of course it is; it's my blog, after all. *lol*

Eight years after an ex mentioned me in his biography (long story; too much info and the world will be able to find me! If you are a really good Googler, there's probably enough here already on this blog for you to figure out who I am in real life. I prefer to keep the mystery going awhile longer yet if at all possible), I was searching out a mutual acquaintance with whom I had, regrettably, lost touch (gotta love Google!) and I finally decided to look up the reference today. (Did you all know that if you have an Amazon account you can search through books they have in their inventory?) No, I have never actually read the book. I had had a rather intimate relationship with the man, for crying out loud; a book really wasn't going to tell me anymore than I already knew about him, and if it could, I'd just as rather not know it, thank you very much.

The little sh*t mentioned me by name! Ahem. But yes, as I had been told by said mutual acquaintance, it was (for the most part) a rather complimentary mention. Still… Well over fifteen years have passed and although I've tried to keep that part of my life in a musty, dusty box in the back of the deepest, darkest closet I own, and although I did get out of the relationship early enough to maintain to this day an exasperated affection for the man (rather than the deepest, vilest hate others took away with them), there's still that little human quirk of nature that just wants to say "Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah. *phhbbbttt* " So of course, since I was looking rather good today for 40-something (50-ish is soooo not treating him well; for goodness sake, Houston, at least trim the beard!), I had to snap off some shots to send him for his trophy book. (Oh, yeah, he has one. As I said, EX.)

*sigh*… And so does human hubris bring about our downfall. When will I learn? Natural light is a No-No. Photobooth Effects are my Friends… So I give you this afternoon's much-edited photo session:

Aw, c'mon… "Serious"? Who the heck did he confuse me with?! Serious? Puh-lease; that last one is my favorite.