Saturday, May 1, 2010


My house has a fair amount of windows—a major factor in my purchasing this particular place. Over the almost twelve (!) years I’ve lived here, I’ve amassed a fair amount of cats. Ah, let me rephrase: a more-than-is-sane amount of cats. The two, naturally, go together like hand in glove, especially so when cats are not allowed outside. Therefore, we have a lot of window seats. Cat-sized-and cat-accessible-only window seats. Of all of the windows in the house, only the one above the kitchen sink and one bank of windows in the greatroom are free of cat furniture. Heck, there’s more cat furniture in the house than people furniture. ("Naturally," reply the felines, "there are quite a lot more of us!")

This is a particularly (and unusually) congenial coagulation of cats enjoying the spring sunshine; most members of The Horde do not typically choose to be this close to one another. (Left to right: Harlequin, Tyger, RitzCarlton and Galadriel.) This location is popular in the winter as well, as there is a shelf below this one, lined with individual cat beds that sit above a heat register. They are more likely to gather there as the beds provide a better delineation of personal space…