Sunday, May 30, 2010


"Are you mad at Houston?" asked my mother this morning. "No," I laughingly replied. "Exasperated, suffered a momentary tiff, but not mad." Houston can't help but be who he is; it's probably the main reason his biography was written in the first place. Most of my favorite people march to a different drummer; Houston dances to some other kind of music altogether. It's his most endearing and his most maddening trait. He'd be the first to be thrilled that I look as good as I do at forty-mumble-mumble and that I'm happy about it, that I can poke fun at myself. (I think I'll do a whole exhibit of those freaky photos!) He'd also be the first to be mortally offended that I was taking shots at him at all, let alone in a public forum such as this. Ah, well, there were many reasons why I'm not living a very different life today than I might have once upon a time…

In the interest of rambling on about something more weighty on these pages, I simply wanted to point out that I am as susceptible as anyone else to all those odd, mean little human foibles lurking in the darker side of our personalities. And pride certainly does come before a fall... Momentary tiff at old boyfriend brought low by a camera that doesn't lie. Laugh with me, folks; it was funny.

I also find it funny to now have the ability to compare the snapshots of myself as taken from the three books in which I have made cameo appearances. (Self as seen by ex-boyfriend, close friend, then-new acquaintance now-old friend; meat for another post, indeed.) Alas, my natural laziness and lack of ambition! Showing up in the books but never writing one myself. *tsk tsk tsk* Surely this blog counts for something? *lol* As I pointed out on an author's blog forum; what a pity blogs don't even buy chocolate. (For those of us who refuse to advertise, anyway.)

Update #1: I found the photo of the real live and living-in-Cape-May river otter! I will tuck it into this post after I ask the photographer if I may snatch it. I'll also link to his blog; not only is he a gifted naturalist and talented photographer, but he's a Brit now living in Lincoln's Land (really bad attempt at a reverse "Yankee in King Arthur's Court") and so has a unique perspective on all forms of life here.

Update #2: The hen turkey was back! Again I spooked her when I didn't realize she and her brood were just outside the window. But I snagged a photo of one of her young'uns; look fast, those little things can move! They are about dove-sized right now and quite beautiful; the delicate patterning over their backs doesn't show at all on this blur of motion. Mostly I only see the grass tops waving as they go by and perhaps a brown shadow slipping through the stems. I don't even have an accurate count, although five paused briefly in the open as they rounded the corner of the house. I still have to check to see what the quality of the video is that I managed of Momma T-bird walking and eating. Presumably she was eating the ripening grass seeds, but perhaps also or else insects—incidentally or on purpose or maybe even both. "They" say that guinea fowl eat ticks. On purpose? I have to wonder. I know for a fact that the ticks certainly do hang out on those seed heads, just waiting for their meal (me, the rabbits or the deer, they aren't picky) to walk by.

::much itching from a wait-until-they-bite method of tick checks:: Lousy approach, but very effective because I'm quite allergic to tick bites and usually react pretty quickly; of course, by then it's too late. *sigh* One more welt (well, about a half a dozen more from that ill-considered rush through the yard last night in an attempt to track down the burning-wood odor drifting in the window) that will now itch all summer with every successive bite. Especially bad method of finding the bloodsuckers now that "they" say you can get tick-borne diseases faster than only from a tick attached for at least 24 hours. (Doh! Well, yeah… Soon as they bite, they're through your outer defenses.) Oo-oo-oo... Time to re-stock the meat tenderizer. (Seriously, when moistened with water [or anti-histamine cream in my case] it works a treat on itchy bug bites! Feels great, too.) ::scritch scritch scritch::

[Update #3: You may notice some subtle changes to the look of the blog this week. From a suggestion on the Cape May Brit's blog about justifying text, I have begun to delve back into HTML code; haven't done much of that since I created my first (now long-defunct) webpage entirely from scratch about ten years ago. I actually love the work; it's like a mental puzzle. So I'm delving around and making little changes here and there as I am able. Those annoying dotted lines all around the posts? Sorted! Hah. I'll try not to disappear anything important.]