Tuesday, June 8, 2010


… That cats were desert-adapted creatures. Yeah, guess so.

This is RitzCarlton, hanging out. Upstairs. (That's the critter linen, not the people linen.) Before I turned on the AC. (Oi, it was still May; I wasn't turning on the AC in May!) It was 85° F upstairs. (AC went on the next day or so. It was then June.) Half of the Horde was on the second floor when it was 85. Some were even in the sunny window in my bedroom. (ShopCat.com had a photo once of a cat comfortably perched about three feet away from a roaring blacksmith's forge…)

RitzCarlton doesn't look dead, heat-stressed, or even remotely uncomfortable.

*sigh* Cats. Weird, weird, weird beasties.