Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Eh, so it was last week; first of June is close enough to count as summer. I had pondered the idea of taking a photo of a rising thunderhead--or what was likely a thunderhead--but although interesting, it wasn't impressive enough to stop for, and it wasn't boiling up as I watched it like some I've seen. When I made it into town, however, I had slipped under the leading edge of a weather front and the sky was rapidly darkening. While in the checkout line at the grocery store, the front hit town like a runaway train. It's been awhile since we've had a storm hit that hard and fast with so much fury behind it. We were looking for funnel clouds--not that we could have seen them, the sky was such a deep inky blue. This video was taken when things had let up enough for the sky to have actually cleared to bright blue and clouds, and for me to stand outside under an overhang without risking drowning. (Or at any rate, a good soaking--which I had already received moving from one store to the next. I knew wearing a white shirt that day was going to guarantee I'd get caught in the rain.)

The entire storm lasted less than ten minutes, and I drove home with an eye to the sky, figuring there had to be a rainbow somewhere nearby. I didn't find it until I turned into my drive...

There it is, barely visible (depending on the contrast on your monitor--sorry), coming in from middle left, just skimming the tree tops. (Trust me, it was there. So is my house-- it's behind the two big trees in the middle of the photo.)

This past week, we just missed another big to-do, complete with a tornado watch! Naturally, nothing came of it after I had battened down all the hatches. I did see the top of what I took to be a gorgeous sunset (I love my trees I love my trees I love my trees) and I'm told there was a spectacular rainbow to go with it; in some places it was even doubled.