Wednesday, June 9, 2010


*sigh* Why do these two have to be the only friends, and therefore comfortable sitting so close to one another, out of all of the Horde? Franklin is average-sized, but Pieces, although slim, is a big cat!

Yes, Franklin shifted a half-hour later and I am holding him in place. Luckily for us both (I haven't had the chance to use the nail clippers on him), he left soon after I took the photo. Pieces, however, is still here and although I can now (just barely) feel my toes, that knee is killing me… Oo! Ow! Moved the cat... Pins and needles… *ouch* Serves me right for still being on the computer. I am not flattered by Pieces' unflagging attention: the desk chair is one of his favorite spots and I am only a minor inconvenience between it and him. Plus, I'm providing heat.

(Okay, maybe he's happy with the attention after all; he's purring, and head-scratching is getting me kneaded. That's my boyo… Downside of too many cats: nobody gets enough individual attention. *sigh again*)