Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A couple of evenings this past week I've looked out my kitchen window and have been amazed at the sudden brisk breeze that had sprung up strong enough from a dead calm to shake the dickens out of my mulberry tree. "How odd," I thought, "that nothing else is moving..."

Closer inspection revealed the source of the "wind".

Hmmm. Apparently, using the flash was not appropriate under the circumstances. But see that gleam?

"Who, me?"

Yes you, you handsome rascal! 

Considering the traffic the mulberry tree has received this year since the fruit ripened, I had decided at some point to see what the fuss was all about. Conclusion? The birds and coons and who-knows-what else have had no competion from me. (Juicy enough, but flavorless.)

I spent a half an hour plucking out-of-reach berries to toss at the masked raider after I had inadvertently chased it out of the tree with my picture-taking. In addition to being too cute to resist, I was hoping to keep the visitor away from the main part of my deck. Cassie-cat, sitting at the front door, had actually spotted the raccoon before I noticed the madly-waving tree last night.

We are rapidly running out of mulberries, especially ripe ones within easy reach, so last night I offered some too old to feed the kitties leftover but not-yet-spoiled catfood which was a readily-accepted substitute. I have about twelve hours to come up with tonight's offering; this young'un (still has that scrawny adolescent look) became bold enough from one night to the next that s/he just might enquire at the door if I don't have anything ready beforehand tonight.

[Alas, a blisteringly hazy, hot and humid day (AC is on again) followed by an early evening rainstorm precluded the begging for and handing out of tidbits today. I know, I shouldn't tame the wildlife.. But c'mon--! Just scroll back up and look at that face!]