Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heigh High-ho, cherry-oh.

They didn't taste all that wonderful to me, but I thought for sure this deer was going to go tippy-toe to reach the cherries.

Tick problem? Hah! This is nothing. I've managed an even poorer* photo wherein the afflicted deer's ear looks like a pimple ball. And then there was that poor buck in velvet that one year... Ooh-ooh-ooh. (Velvet=high blood flow tissue for growing the antlers.) Interesting how some deer have can have a terrible infestation (and on just one ear) and others are nearly tick-free.

* Sorry for the poor quality: taking deer photos is difficult enough--why do the birds see only the yard reflected in the windows but the deer can see through the glass so well they see me when I'm half way across the room???--but it would have helped at least a little if the windows had been clean.