Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday, I stood in the rain until I was soaked to the skin.

Purposefully went out into it and stayed out the entire length of the summer shower, actually. (It couldn't quite be called a thunderstorm, although there was some quiet rumbling off to the east.) And it felt wonderful! Hadn't done that in way too long a time, although I have been meaning to for at least three rainstorms now. I love summer rainstorms.

It would have been simply stood in the rain in my skin but I'm a bit nervous about running nekked around my yard these days. (Have I mentioned how much I love living in the sticks?) Even though the old man who lived next door and used to wander back to check on me if he hadn't seen me in awhile has passed on (that one time I had on a very long t-shirt and socks, not that the socks covered anything important) and I'm enough of a hermit that acquaintances haven't dropped by unannounced to introduce me to their sisters in many years (luckily, I had the towel upon which I had been sunbathing), and the family with adolescents who had the house built practically in my front yard a few years back packed up their stuff lock, stock and barrel a couple of weeks ago and disappeared (which reminds me, I need to find out who holds the lien on the place and for how much). But there are still the guys in the house at the far end of my drive; I didn't want to risk that they'd decide to come talk about the now-empty-but-for-the-house acreage between us on the one day I was out appreciating nature, um, naturally…

Too much info? Ah, well, whatever. This is who I am, baring (ahem) a bit of my soul. One reason I was able to get along with Huston for a time was because I don't exactly march to the same beat as most of the rest of the world, either; I'm just not so inclined to advertise it as often and as obviously as he… Indeed, he once told me that my backing up and stopping to take off my shoes in order to squish my toes in a mud puddle I had just stepped around was the clincher to him asking me out.

Yesterday, while wonderful and not regretted, would have been absolutely perfect if not for an overabundance of garments and lack of a good mud puddle.