Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hosta blooms are purple (white washed with purple? purple fading into white?), not blue as previously stated.

My bad.

PS: The toad from the previous post turned out not to be the same toad from an earlier post; the first one showed up in the pots on the steps while the second one was still wedged in its pot on the bench. And that one wasn't stuck (leave it to my mother to ask); it was too dark to get a photo of it as it perched contentedly on the bottom back rail of the bench. Leave it to my mother to also ask if I had porch lights that might be providing said toads with an overabundance of sustenance leading to their excessive rotundness. (Well, she didn't use those exact words.) Um, oh, yeah, I did pick up a bunch of little solar lights that are stuck into pots all about the deck...