Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Pick your precipitation: snow, sleet, rain? How about some fog for good measure, as the rain (and close to 50° temps) disposes of what was left of the last snow? Don't worry: if you don't like it, it will change in a day or two. It was mild enough on Tuesday that I puttered around in the drizzle for a bit (sans camera). Took me until that evening to realize it was so pleasant because there was no wind...!

Is this really an improvement over all of that snow? Hmm…

At least the neighbor won't have to plow me out (again)!

Not so lovely next door as it was last week.

The moisture and warmer temps, while making a mess of the leftover snow, brought out a wash of green in the bare trees, even in January.

Looking closer, we find lichen. Lots of lichen. I believe I mentioned it earlier, and how much it likes our climate and habitat hereabouts.

I'm really liking the lichen…

And the lichen is loving this weather!

Really loving it.

[Why on earth do I know "celadon" as a color of green? It's a pottery glaze; I'm not all that into pottery. And it wasn't a Crayola color--I checked. The lichen is almost a celadon. Maybe mixed with sea foam? Sorry, it's a girl thing. My guess is that biologically it didn't much matter what color the deer/mastodon/whatever was so long as it could be killed and eaten, so men never really developed the eyes to see or mind to care what color dinner was. Women, being more gather-and-grow oriented, really like our colors. Lots of colors. With lots of names.]