Sunday, February 6, 2011


The MacBook camera isn't quite up to the standards of the Nikon DSLR, but it'll do well enough for you to get the picture of what working on a computer is like in our house…

As amazing as red toms and black & whites are, I'm beginning to believe that my Tiger Lilies may have them beat for outstanding personality. (The trick is to keep the two girls from beating each other to flinders.) Persephone* is being held to keep her off the keyboard and off of Cassandra in my lap.

*They are Cats; I try to avoid simple names when at all possible**. We use Sephy (or Sephone) and Cassie until someone gets into trouble… At least they don't have middle names.

**I will admit that we do have a Peanut. She was a former yard cat who was caught sitting on a nest box full of baby wrens one day; "You little peanut!!!" yelled out the window worked to get her down. What a surprise when she answered to Peanut as soon as she was brought inside. She even comes when called.