Sunday, February 13, 2011

LONGWOOD GARDENS, Part 4: Tree Ferns

You can actually purchase these ancient-lineaged plants in the big DIY stores. (Mind, they come in more manageable sizes.) I have done so. And I failed at providing it with what it needed to survive. Dinosaurs? *lol* Obviously not; tree ferns (so called because they are cousins to those leafy little ferns you may see on a walk in the woods) and cycads (to be more scientific about it) are everywhere in the Longwood conservatories…

Wood's Cycad, according to its nameplate.

I love this little vignette.

A raggedy specimen, yes, but look closely…

Opportunistic little ferns found their own home. So there! Take that, you horticulturalist, you… We can do very well on our own, thank you very much!

The fern/cycad from the palm house, up close. With spore case? Oh, my.