Sunday, February 13, 2011

LONGWOOD GARDENS, Part 5: A Photo Study

Odds and ends.

The purple haze on the trellises in the Mediterranean Garden was due to this wee pea flower. (Individual flowers were about the size of, well, a pea.)

Spathiphyllium. One of the larger varieties of the "peace lily".

I love bamboo. It can be found in a variety of sizes (I hugged a lot of giant bamboo--we're talking easily eight inches across--while in the Caribbean) and colors and habits (clumping vs. trailing); here it is in "black" with moderately-sized canes a couple of inches in diameter.

Agave, I believe.

Variation on a theme: Mescal this time. (Hens-and-chicks gone mad! *lol* Many succulents share this form if not the stature. Hey, when you find a design that works to keep you alive in arid and/or nutrient poor habitats, you stick with it…)

New growth. Spring is coming!