Sunday, February 20, 2011


No, no, no… Not those flamingos. These flamingos:

Not exactly pink. Yikes. (Little too much shrimp additive? [I should talk; my mother tells me I ate so many carrots as a baby that my nose turned orange. {Same principle whereby flamingos turn pink, by the by.} I love carrots...])

Ah, that's better: soft pink.

At first I thought the darker bird (who was, I must say, huge) was merely strutting his stuff around his side of the indoor aviary, but the longer I watched the more it seemed that he was unhappy about the similarly-colored ibis carrying on all around in the treetops at the other end of the building. (A flamingo in a tree? Egads. Herons in trees are weird enough.)

Now I have to worry about pacing birds as well as pacing cats...