Monday, October 10, 2011

Chilled Out.

Mornings have been chilly lately, and I'm not the only one affected. Been loving them though, not the least reason being that they slow down the flying things really well.

Found this snowberry clearwing, aka hummingbird moth (many people mistake them for "baby" hummingbirds), under my deck umbrella one chilly morning a few weeks ago. Didn't want it waking up only to batter itself to bits under the canopy (they typically have that hairless spot on their back), so I took advantage of its near-frozen state to get a few photos that would be nearly impossible under other circumstances.

When disturbed, clearwings flicker their tail, um, feathers. Rather like a miffed cat thwapping its tail, I suppose...

Well, it was cold! That was the best it could do.