Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo Walk.


I finally made it to the last (three more in November!) CMBO-sponsored photo walk of the season with Scott Whittle. 

Don't think that's quite what the sign meant, Scott… (What he's actually doing is taking his own advice and getting a different angle on the preening mallards to give more depth, and therefore more interest, to his photograph.)

It turned out to be a very lovely late October morning, well worth hauling myself out of bed an hour earlier than usual and despite what turned out to be a very brisk west-northwesterly wind by the time I made it to the Point. 

A wind which meant the birds that were around (aside from the hawks and of course there were a lot of them because I'd forgotten to grab the binoculars which were right next to the camera bag…) were getting tossed about quite a bit. Even getting floral shots took more luck than finesse.

Oh. We were supposed to be taking photos of birds?