Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fungus Amungus.

It's been a good year for mushrooms--once we had some rain at the end of the summer, anyway. I made a token attempt to identify some of the interesting things but gave up. I'm not really concerned about what to call them since I have no plans whatsoever to taste any, even were I starving...

New, perhaps? and relatively small.

Waaaay past their prime. *lol*

Nice little clump peaking out of the scruffy back yard.

Another patch of the same.

Playing with focal point...

And orientation.

Mushrooms might be good little subjects, unlikely to move or be moved by an errant breeze, but you have to be fast when shooting in early morning light!

Lookee what I found when I relocated that black widow:


There have been even more fungi I didn't photograph--giant puffballs, a huge patch of big 'shrooms right alongside one of our major roads... No wonder so many people are fascinated by these things.