Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seek And Ye Shall Find.

I had just enough goldenrod blooming in the yard (or rather, growing up between the bricks of my front path, of all places) that I knew there should be a crab spider in there somewhere, not counting the itty bitty one I put there after rescuing it from my beverage cup.

See? Told you.

Another way to find (typically crab) spiders in blossoms is to look for nectaring insects that aren't moving.

 Hmmm, this looks suspicious.

Hah! Quite likely the same crab spider as above, late afternoon instead of early morning. Good girl…

This looks like the wee one I found on my beverage cup and put in the goldenrod the week before. With lunch. Hooray!

And sometimes you find surprising things when you aren't looking… Had the truck washed and serviced and when I was re-stashing all the miscellaneous stuff I feel necessary to tote about in it, I found this poor thing wrapped up in one of the cargo blankets:

She was very pale (even for a crab spider) and moving slowly but she was still moving (*phew*), and seemed very grateful to be placed in a goldenrod flower-spray when I was done fiddling with her. 

Later that evening… *&%$ warblers. I think a redstart ate all my spiders!!!

Alas, this might be the last of my spider photos for the year. *sigh* Still have some beautiful butterflies to share with you, though!