Thursday, May 22, 2014


You can blend-in in the country and stand out in the fashion world...

(Gotta love Brad Paisley—to be able to have hit songs about camouflage and ticks, for crying out loud. Awesome.)

When camouflage works [find the butterfly]:

Always look near the center of the photo. To be fair, this Henry’s Elfin is tiny—far less than an inch long.

When camouflage doesn’t work:

Found this very large—book notes average size up to 57mm wingspan and this glorious creature was easily over 60mm—moth on my shed door. (That door is becoming a very good place to find stuff!)

Had the Tulip Tree Beauty been on the trunk of the tulip tree, I doubt I would have seen it at all...

[Have been taking lots of photos lately so of course I'm falling way behind. I may be doing a bit of backtracking, like here where these photos are going on a month old. Sorry.]