Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's so weird about it?

Doesn’t everyone put out a water dish for their yard lizards? Well, why not? It works. (Okay, I suppose you do have to have a healthy population of Five-lined Skinks in your yard for it to work as well as this...)

(It would have been wonderful if these first photos were in focus but I was lucky to get them, the skink was moving so quickly. She came across the deck straight to the dish, climbed up, took a drink, and skittered back across the deck. I topped off the water as soon as she disappeared.)

Three days later I was a bit more prepared for skinks to be using this dish and I wasn’t disappointed. At least three stopped by within an hour or so: Adult male (red-orange face), the female (still with hints of juvenile color) and a young one (small with bright colors).

Alas, I didn't get the photo of the juvenile skink sitting on my slipper. Two had a tussle and skittered around without paying much attention to me, and one ended up on my slipper (my foot was not in it): the camera was too close to the slipper and when I moved the skink rethought its position and moved as well.