Monday, May 19, 2014

One Toad. Two Toad. RED Toad...

Lemee out lemee out lemee out!

I don’t normally hold my photography subjects captive but this little one was so hyper it was the only way I could keep it in one spot long enough to document its fabulous color. I see maybe one red Fowler’s Toad for all of the other usual brown ones any given year, and I don’t find a red one every year. (And there can be well over a dozen individuals hopping around in a good year—I once cleaned my patio of accumulated organic debris and had a bucket “full”.)

And of course about five minutes after I freed my highly unwilling rusty-colored subject, what do I look up to see?

Yeah, that’s what you think it is, dead center of the shot. Practically staring right at me. (It wasn’t.) Another little red toad…

This one let me get the camera a foot away from its face without so much as blinking while I took pic after pic and changed shooting settings (and stepped over it to get up the stairs)…  ::pound head on concrete while down there::

Fowler's Toads like these are now listed as a "Species of Special Concern" in New Jersey.

(I missed getting a photo of a lovely dark brown-with-gold-markings toad I also disturbed while cleaning the patio.)