Monday, August 9, 2010


Sunday evening I cleared some debris out of Snap's and the Frogs' little puddle in order to try to maintain some kind of water level in it. (We haven't had any appreciable rain in weeks, and I've been afraid to move the pond liner so that it would hold more water.) Figures that last evening/night the raccoon chose to root around the front yard. (I'm assuming it was the coons, given that my piled-up junk scattered about the front yard was pushed around and knocked over.)

The frogs are accounted for, but I can't find Snap and the turtle has always been out hunting first thing in the mornings. :o( I even sifted through the water and lifted up the "waterfall" piece that the frogs and turtle bolt under when spooked. Nothing. Not even any turtle parts around that I could find.

I'm not feeling too guilty and responsible, because if you have ever watched a raccoon for any length of time you've probably noticed how thorough they are with those nimble little hands of theirs... It was just a matter of time before one went patting through what little water there is in the yard.

You can be sure I will mention if I find Snap again! Goodness knows, the Big Fat Toads keep returning...